2019年7月11日 (木)

複式電鍵 「White eagle」の改良型 An improved Swinger 「White Eagle」

従来製作していた複式電[White Eagle」の接点を改良しました。以前は2mm厚の真鍮のレバーにそのまま先を尖らせたボルトを接点としていましたが打鍵時の音が大きく、またまた跳ね返りで反対側の接点にも接触することがあったので、0.4mm厚の燐青銅板をレバーの両側に付けました。これで打鍵音がとても静かになり操作性が向上しました。

I have improved contact points of my swinger named 「white Eagle」.Usually I used a 2mm thick brass plate of the lever as its contact point with two sharpend bolts on both side. But this time I put a 0.4mm thin phosphorus bronze plate on both side of the lever. Resultantly it became very quiet and good feeling when operating.

Img_3833 Img_3832 Img_3831 Img_3830

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2019年7月 9日 (火)

サックス愛好家のサックス成果発表会 クラシック演奏 A Classical music






We had a small Sax recital held by Amateur Sax players group few days ago. I played a classical music Pavane composed by Faure. I was always play very fast so my instructer helped me by navigating on the note paper pointing by her finger. It was rather a long play 6 minutes but I think I finished playing without any trouble however, it has some long slur notes so the breathing was very hard for me. I think it would be a good enough for me as I am aged already 80.!?


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2019年6月25日 (火)



修復したアルトサックス(台湾製 Jupiter)の最終調整が完了し、大変演奏し易くなったので、ちょっと演奏してみました。淡谷のりこの有名な「別れのブルース」です。Youtubeからカラオケの音源を採録し、楽譜はそれに合うようにアルトサックスのE♭に移調しました。まだ十分な練習が出来ていません。

The repaired Alt Sax (Jupiter made in Taiwan) has finally fully adjusted and it became very easy to play. I just played a famous blues song "a parting bluse" (Wakare no buru-su) sang by Noriko awaya. I've down loaded it's Karaoke version from Youtube and I transposed it's score book into E♭for the Alt Saxophone. I have not practiced this song well ,yet.


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2019年6月21日 (金)



上記のURLを開くと錆錆のボロボロだったアルトサックスが復活して演奏が出来るようになった動画を見ることが出来ます。短い演奏です。エルビスプレスリーの「Can't help falling in love」のさわりの部分だけです。

You can listen to the sound of repared alt sax by opening the URL written above. It is  just a short play of 「can't help falling in love」the famous Elvis Presley's song.





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All parts removing,cleaning,polishing and painting has all done and I started assembling work. It was very difficult to set the parts on it's correct position because I forgot to take some photoes before to apart the parts. Few tampo pads didn't fit on this Sax so I open the pads to adjust the size cutting the felt. i used a powder type adhessive for the pads. The all parts must be assembled according to the assembling order however, I didn't know the procedure so it was very hard work for me as I have to apart the parts again and again to get the correct order for assembling.  


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2019年6月13日 (木)



It was very fine day today I've been waiting this beautiful weather for the Sax painting work. I expected a very luster surface after the urethane clear painting however, I couldn't have good result. The surface looks like some what flecked as if a pear.



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2019年6月11日 (火)



I have also completed polishing work for the alt saxophone main body. I thought it would be very difficult to adjust the needle springs so I didn't remove the needle springs therefore I often had paniful experiences when I was polishing it by my hand.!I washed and dried the body then I will panit it by clear urethane paint after I degreased it by washing thinner. 



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I have removed all parts from the main body of the Sax and completed polishing work. First I put paint remover on the all parts and then I put rust remover. It was very difficult to clean some very small area so I used a top sharpened wood bar. I have to wash them and then dry before degreasing by thinner washing. After that I will paint them by clear urethane paint.  


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2019年6月 2日 (日)



A new version of the straight key"Sprout" has completed. I changed the base wood from a two staged type into a flat one. And I used bearings in the pivot. The contact point is not changed using a 0.4mm thin phosphorus copper plate and a sharpened screw. Operation sound is very quiet and good feeling however, the feeling is very much depending on each persons individual feeling so I am just anticipating by the customers on 2019 Ham Fair held in Tokyo this year. I will make 5 keys of this version limiting only five keys. Now I'm making number four and five of this version. 


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2019年5月31日 (金)



After I painted the neck with the clear lacquer. I put a neck colc plate on the mouth peace portion. I put a small pad on the octave tone lever and then assembled them. I have completed repairment of the neck.


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