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2013年7月23日 (火)

これは旨い!(It's so tasty !)

これは本当に旨い!このような食べ物に対しては美味しいと表現すべきでしょうか?私は食べることに関してはあまり興味がありません。所謂食通もしくはグルメという者ではありませんが、先日娘がお土産に日本橋三越本店から買ってきてくれました。「フルーツ生大福」です。詳しくは写真を見てください。食べる前に撮影しておけば良かったのですが後の祭りでした。What a tasty soft rice cake it is. I should have to use the word delicious for ths kind of food or cake. I am not so interested in the things to eat or I should say I am not a gourmet. Last day my daughter brought us for the souvenir. She bought these cakes at Mitsukoshi in Nihonbashi. I should have to take a photo before I eat it but it was too late. Look at the pcture then you can suppose how it would be delicious!!


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2013年7月20日 (土)

サイレントバイオリンの仕上げ(Finishing the Silent Violin)

サイレントバイオリンが最終的に仕上がりました。肩当を取り付け胴の下にマイクアンプを装着しました。これで安定してバイオリンを支えることができ、アンプを繋ぐと大きな音で演奏する(演奏は出来ないので音を出す)ことができます。バイオリンの先生に弾いていただくのが楽しみです。I fainally finished the Silent Violin. I put the shoulder pad and microphone amplifier into the Violin. Now I can play ( I can't play but just make sound) the Violin with big sound.




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2013年7月17日 (水)

最近の医学(特効薬) (A Very Efficacious Medecine)


I had been suffered for more than 25 years because of the incurable disease so called average psoriasis).It is caused by abnorml immunity activities in my body and it makes me to hasten to make keratin layer in the skin about more than ten times faster than normal speed.
That makes so many eruptions every where on my body. It was very much itchy. I used very stong steroid hormone medecine but it was not effective to cure the disease.One day when I was watching on NHK TV program and they reported a newly deveroped very good injection type medecine named stelala. My regular skin doctor introduced me to a doctor in JIKEI Medical University. The first injection treatement was done on 4th of October last year and then only about one month after the psoriasis had almost disappeared. My skin became very beautiful now therefore I can enjoy hot spring without any hesitation. At first I hesitate to show my ugly looking skin but I hope to tell this greate newly deveroped medecine to every person who is suffering from this kind of disease. Day after tommorrow I will have the fourth time injection.

治療前の皮膚の状態(Before the treatement)


治療後(After the treatement)



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2013年7月16日 (火)

網膜の腫れがひいてきた!(Retinitis is getting well)

I have already had surgery of glaucoma for two times in the past. Recently my right side eye's pressure was increasing in the beginning of this year. Doctor told me I have very high risk to have the third glaucoma surgery due to my thin cornea. So I have to depend on diuretic medecine to reduce the eye ball inner pressure however, it makes me to wake up very often when I am sleeping. It is also caused very often because I have a chronic disease in my prostate. however, I am very much pleased because a newly deveroped eye lotion has greately effected to reduce the pressure in my eye ball. And the retinitis is getting well and this resulted in to improve my visibilty from 0.6 to 0.8. I have no necessity to have the third surgery any more now. What a pleasant moment now for me.
I can read the musical note very well !! 

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2013年7月12日 (金)

Silent Violin


The Silent Violin has at last completed. The tone adjustment of the four strings are very unstable at this time because the wood is now gradually bending due to the strong stress of the tension. I will leave this Violin for few days and then I will adjust the four strings to be the correct tones.The microphone amplifier box was too large so I will make a more small one then install into this Violin.


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2013年7月 8日 (月)

指板(Finger board)


I finished the finger board. The surface was not smoothly finished because the wood is very hard(ebony tree) so I finished with clear lacquer. I will make a sound box shaped frame of 5mm thick chlorinate vinyl plate. Finally this scilent Violin looks like the one which was displayed in YAMAHA Violin shop.



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2013年7月 5日 (金)

バイオリンのネックが出来つつある。(The neck of Violin is in process)


A neck of Violin is in process. The shape is very complicated therefore it is almost impossible to use machine tool. The string winding box is the most hard work for me as I have to use the many kind of chisels to dug the box with all my hand work. I am very anxious to know how do they make this neck in the production factory?


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2013年7月 2日 (火)

テールピースが完成(Tale piece has completed)

The tale piece has completed.I made the holes to install strings and gut holes to connect with the end pin. I will paint clear varnish on the tale piece to make it more good surface. The bridge is not finally adjusted of the hight but I will adjust the bridge when I install the strings on the Violin. Anyway the first Violin I making must be constructed with the parts all home brewed ones.


続きを読む "テールピースが完成(Tale piece has completed)"

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