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2014年9月19日 (金)

素敵なプレゼント(A wonderful present for me)

結果的には対価を上げたのと同じことかも知れませんがプレゼントとしてSAX用のリードを一箱いただくことにし、リードの銘柄選定はSAXの先生に推奨品を聞いてRa VozのMedium Softにしました。電鍵を気に入っていただいた上、プレゼントをしていただく、、、とても感激です。これでSAXの練習の励みになります。


10本入りですがリードは植物の葦で作るので品質にバラツキがあり数本良いのがあれば良いほうだそうです。1本目吹いてみたら大当たり!とても吹きやすく良い音が出て、クロマティックスケール全域で良い音が出ました。T.Yさん ありがとう!!

I have been making the morse code keys as one of my hobbies. One day a person who bought my keys told me that he thought the consideration for my keys is not enough.
He means the price is too low because he was so much satisfied the quality of the keys.
But I think the price is just enough for me then I proposed to have some present instead of raising the price. I asked him to have a box of SAX reed. It will cost about \2700.
He paid the price adding \2700. Consequently the result would be the same to raise the price but I feel very much pleased to have a nice present for me. I asked what is the best choice of the reeds to my instructer of the SAX and I bought a box of "La・Voz” medium soft. I am very happy as he pleased to have my keys and I have a wonderful present. It is a greate encouragement to practice the SAX for me.

The reed is a kind of plant then the quality of the SAX reeds are not even. They say few reeds among the 10 reeds in a box should be abandoned due to poor quality. I tried the first one oh ! it was very good. I can make a very good sound through the all chromatic scale. Thank you Mr.T.Y.   


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