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2016年2月22日 (月)

卓上旋盤に電圧、電流計を取り付け(Equiped an ampare & voltage meter on the lathe)




I installed a ampare and voltage meter on my desk top lathe. Motor and gears will be damaged when when these were over loaded. That is why I installed a meter so that to monitor the load by reading the electric current and voltage upon the lethe. The meter indicate 10 at the full scale. 10 scale corresponds to 100 volts and 10 ampares for the current. This meter is a full scale 1mA meter but using a series resistance for the voltage and a branch wire to swich them to be a voltage meter and a current meter.

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2016年2月21日 (日)

4本目となったアルトサックス(The fourth Alt Sax for me)







Every Saxophone has a very much complicated construction mechanism. Therefore it is very important to maintain very often to keep a good quality. When playing the SAX for long time without ant maintenance air leak between tone holes and pads will occur and it becomes much difficult to play in a good sound. To order a maintenance work to a professional maintenance shop they will adjust and tune the SAX in a very good condition. However it is very expensive. So I have prepared many tools and materials for the SAX maintenance work. I am just interested in the SAXmaintenance work after I tried to repair the old junk SAXes. I have alreay three Alt Saxophones and now I got number fourth one. It is an original instrument of Shimokura musical instrument shop named MARCATO. When I got this SAX I found a fatal damage on low C key and D ♯ key.
It's installing post had broken and screws had gone. It was impossible to repair without those parts. Then I made the parts using my lathe and succeeded to install the keys.
(Shown in the picture No.3)
I adjusted all tone pads and levers and then the SA bacame a very good one and I can play it in a very good condition. This SAX is very light comparing with other ones because the main tube was made of rather thin brass metal. It is very weak so I must hold the SAX very carefully. Some levers are installed without shaft but just by s,all screws. It means to keep the SAX light. I think the sound is very soft so it would be good to play not for Jazz but for Japanese popular song. I wll keep on this SAX for my own one.


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2016年2月11日 (木)

SAXスタンドの製作(Making a SAX stand)




Now I have three ALT SAXes so it is troublesome to put back the SAX into it's case every tme I played so I made a SAX stand. I used the material for the stan what was available at hand. I covered the hook with silicon tube to avoid scratch to the SAX. The view of this stand is not good but it just good enough for use.

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