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2022年4月 1日 (金)

Bug Key の製作(Making a Bug Key)

またBug Keyを作って見ました。これは7台目の試作です。Bugを作るのはやはりまだ難しいですね。特に短点用のバネ状の接点と錘の振動を如何に早く静かに停止させるかの2つが大きな課題です。今回はまだ音がうるさいけれど何とか使えそうなのが出来ました。
Img_5563 Img_5562_20220401200001
I made a Bug Key again. This is No.7th trial to make the Bug. It is still very difficult to make the Bug. The most hard work making the Bug I think it would be "the dot contact device" and also "the vibration absorption (vibration stopper). However, I enjoyed making this one and I think I can use for real CW QSO even it is very noisy when I operate this one Ha Ha Ha !


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